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A youth group for the whole community!


Gnarly Neighbours is a not-for-profit youth group based in Seymour, VIC, with a focus on creating a positive space for young people from all socio-economic backgrounds. This is achieved through free skateboarding lessons and creative workshops. Our purpose is to inspire creativeness, individuality, self-expression & to foster community building, as well as early prevention of negative risky behaviour through positive mentoring and encouragement of safe risk-taking behaviour. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and teach lifelong skills with the key point of making it relevant and fun.

The Inspiring Story of Gnarly Neighbours

From Vision to Reality: Jayden Sheridan's Dream for Seymour
In the heart of Seymour, Victoria, Gnarly Neighbours stands as a testament to the power of community and vision. Founded by Jayden Sheridan, who was driven by a desire to offer his son—and every child in Seymour—a better upbringing than his own, Gnarly Neighbours has evolved from a heartfelt idea into a thriving social enterprise.
Our Foundation:
  • Jayden's Vision: Inspired to change the rough environment he once knew, Jayden envisioned a place where youth could thrive through support, learning, and community engagement.
  • Community Backing: Embraced and supported by those who shared his vision, Gnarly Neighbours grew with the community's backing, becoming a cherished institution.

    Our Growth:
  • Expanding Impact: What started in Seymour is now reaching across Victoria, with programs in collaboration with other councils, organisations, schools, and facilitators.
  • Program Diversity: Our initiatives now extend beyond skateboarding to include creative workshops, youth employment, and more, changing lives in numerous locales.

    Our Enterprises:
  • The Neighbourhood Skateshop and Coffee Shop: At the centre of our operations, these spots not only serve as gathering places but also fund our programs through their profits.

  • Gnarly Print Co: Our on-site print shop further supports our initiatives by creating custom apparel and printing for other businesses.

    Community Support:
  • Vital to Success: The success of Gnarly Neighbours is a direct result of the intense support and involvement from our local community and partners across the state.

    Join Us:
  • Visit: 1/12 Crawford St, Seymour, VIC
  • Contact:

  • Support: Participate in our events, visit our shops, donate or volunteer to help us grow further.
Explore Gnarly Neighbours and become part of a movement that's not just changing lives but reshaping futures. Visit us and see how together, we're building a brighter tomorrow for Seymour and beyond.
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