A youth group for the whole community!

Gnarly Neighbours is a not-for-profit youth group based in Seymour, VIC, with a focus on creating a positive space for young people from all socio-economic backgrounds. This is achieved through free skateboarding lessons and creative workshops. Our purpose is to foster community building, inspiring creativeness, individuality & self-expression, as well as early prevention of negative risky behaviour through positive mentoring and encouragement of safe risk-taking behaviour. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and teach lifelong skills with the key point of making it relevant and fun.

As well as a youth group, Gnarly Neighbours will also have its own apparel/streetwear clothing and accessory label, which the kids can get involved in. They will be mentored on all aspects of design, garment selection, screen printing, logistics, taxes/gst, wholesale, webstore maintenance, and promotion ect.