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Welcome to Gnarly Neighbours in Seymour, Victoria

Transforming Youth Opportunities in Our Community
Gnarly Neighbours is more than just a social enterprise; it's a vision brought to life by founder Jayden Sheridan. Inspired by a desire to create a better environment for his son and local youth, Jayden established The Neighbourhood—a combination of a skate shop, coffee shop, and a garment print shop—all dedicated to enriching the community of Seymour.

Our Mission:
  • All Profits for a Cause: Every dollar spent at The Neighbourhood supports the Gnarly Neighbours youth group, a non-profit charity.
  • Comprehensive Youth Programs: From skateboarding to creative workshops, we offer extensive programs to foster skills and confidence.
  • Employment and Experience: Annually, we provide temporary employment and work experience to 58 youths, helping them prepare for the future.
Unique Features:
  • Skatepark: Located in our shop, where we host skating programs and various community events.
  • Gnarly Print Co: Not only do we produce our own merchandise upstairs, but we also offer custom printing services for other businesses.
Events and Outreach:
  • Community Events: Join us for yard sale markets and charity fundraisers.
  • Workshops: Engage in creative and skill-building workshops designed for local youth.
Visit Us:
  • Location: 1/12 Crawford St, Seymour, VIC
  • Hours: 6am - 5pm weekdays & 7am - 2pm weekends/public holidays
  • Contact Us:
Join us at Gnarly Neighbours to see how we're making a tangible difference in Seymour. Whether you're here to shop, skate, or participate in a workshop, you're helping us create a thriving community for our younger generation. Experience the change you help make possible!
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